Big Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions

Data is an asset, or an albatross. At today’s Big Data volumes, varieties, and velocities, you need a technology partner that can help you mine, analyze, clean, and enrich your data to identify and leverage the business intelligence hidden within.

Auditing & Assessments

Given the volumes, varieties and velocities at which data is created, shared and stored across the modern enterprise, it’s not surprising most don’t even know what they’ve got, its value, or what they can do with it. We can help you develop a complete inventory and understanding of your data assets, including their generation points, weaknesses, and possibilities. We accomplish this through a soup-to-nuts audit of your entire data management systems, then assessing their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also tie in our cyber security and intelligent practice to identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities.

Cleaning & Enrichment

Big Data necessarily includes massive volumes of bad data – duplicates, incomplete records or just plain bad data. In the same way dirty fuel clogs an engine, so too does bad data cost an organization in time and money, particularly when it generates erroneous results, obscures opportunities, and plagues employees with extra work. We will help you clean your data and keep it clean. Then, if necessary, we’ll run appends to cross-index your internal and any third-party data to enrich it and identify new forms of business intelligence.

Mining & Analytics

Once your data is properly cleaned and understood, we can help you mine it for the business intelligence your organization needs to succeed. We use powerful analytical systems tied to visualization software to identify patterns that teach you new things about your operations. Additionally, we’ll use those tools to help you ask new questions of your data – questions that can discern new paths to operational efficiencies, improved performance, and enhanced results.

Migration & Management

As data volumes and varieties expand and existing storage or analytical capacities are exceeded, it’s often necessary to migrate that data – either to off-site warehouses or to new management platforms. We can create migration plans to securely and successfully migrate your enterprise data to new locations and execute post-migration testing and analysis to confirm that success. Additionally, we offer 24/7 maintenance packages to eliminate any surprises.


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