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Big Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions

Data is an asset, or an albatross. At today’s Big Data volumes, varieties, and velocities, you need a technology partner that can help you mine, analyze, clean, and enrich your data to identify and leverage the business intelligence hidden within.

Auditing & Assessments

Given the volumes, varieties and velocities at which data is created, shared and stored across the modern enterprise, it’s not surprising most don’t even know what they’ve got, its value, or what they can do with it. We can help you develop a complete inventory and understanding of your data assets, including their generation points, weaknesses, and possibilities. We accomplish this through a soup-to-nuts audit of your entire data management systems, then assessing their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also tie in our cyber security and intelligent practice to identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities.

Cleaning & Enrichment

Big Data necessarily includes massive volumes of bad data – duplicates, incomplete records or just plain bad data. In the same way dirty fuel clogs an engine, so too does bad data cost an organization in time and money, particularly when it generates erroneous results, obscures opportunities, and plagues employees with extra work. We will help you clean your data and keep it clean. Then, if necessary, we’ll run appends to cross-index your internal and any third-party data to enrich it and identify new forms of business intelligence.

Mining & Analytics

Once your data is properly cleaned and understood, we can help you mine it for the business intelligence your organization needs to succeed. We use powerful analytical systems tied to visualization software to identify patterns that teach you new things about your operations. Additionally, we’ll use those tools to help you ask new questions of your data – questions that can discern new paths to operational efficiencies, improved performance, and enhanced results.

Migration & Management

As data volumes and varieties expand and existing storage or analytical capacities are exceeded, it’s often necessary to migrate that data – either to off-site warehouses or to new management platforms. We can create migration plans to securely and successfully migrate your enterprise data to new locations and execute post-migration testing and analysis to confirm that success. Additionally, we offer 24/7 maintenance packages to eliminate any surprises.

Cloud Solutions Trusted, Scalable and Secure

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Trusted, Scalable and Secure

The explosive growth in mobile, Web, multimedia; the rapid expansions in networking speeds; and a corresponding demand for 24/7 up-time by consumers and enterprises alike are some of the key drivers pushing more and more operations to the cloud. 

By adopting a scalable, cost-efficient cloud computing infrastructure, organizations in both the public and private sectors have reaped the benefits of increased productivity made possible through the greater speed and flexibility the cloud provides.

By partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS), We offer client organizations an increasing array of best in class technology resources overseen by leading experts and delivered through a pay-as-you-go model that eliminates upfront costs and allows clients to pay for resources as only as needed. By partnering with our customers to help them shift their applications and infrastructure to the more modern environment provided through the cloud, we enable our clients to cast off their legacy platforms and systems that have burdened performance and eaten into their budgets for years.

The benefits don’t just stop there – in an era where new ways to hack into a company’s digital environment are created every day, we deliver cloud solutions that provide increased data security, meeting the most ardent compliance and security requirements that exist today.

Data Migration

Data migration is one of the most critical tasks an organization can undertake. We deliver fast, secure, and seamless data migration solutions to move your data from legacy platforms and storage devices to a cloud-based environment.

Data Management

Data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. We put that resource to use by providing agile, cloud-based data management solutions to transform your data into insightful and actionable intelligence. We leverage our knowledge of cloud architectures to develop infrastructure solutions that help lower cost and improve operating efficiency, optimize your data assets and ensure the availability of your data across platforms while meeting and adapting to changing infrastructure demands.

Platform Hosting

We’ll design and implement a cloud-based IT infrastructure – database, servers etc. – that lets you host applications and tools in an operating system and programming language of your choice. This will cut your costs, improve efficiencies and increase speed of deployment and flexibility.


We’ll create a complete hosting environment to include servers, storage, networking, load balancing and more to improve your hosting performance while reducing costs.

Software as a Service

We’ll design and implement a cloud architecture that lets you host applications and services and your end users access these through Web and mobile devices. These highly scalable solutions improve deployment times, reduce hosting costs, and can be tailored to virtually any need.

Designing Mobile Innovation Around End Users

Designing Mobile Innovation Around End Users

Designing Mobile Innovation Around End Users

From initial concept through strategy, design, and development, we provides full-service mobile solutions focused on delivering custom apps built for our clients’ end-users. We deliver the brightest minds in the business to create amazing mobile apps that deliver an awesome end-user experience on all platforms and across all sectors. You bring us the idea and we’ll provide the firepower to bring it to life.

Mobile Strategy

A great mobile strategy is the driver behind every great mobile application. It addresses the most critical questions of your project – what kind of app should you build? How should it be built? What are the right platforms and technologies for your application, and will it still be just as effective later on down the road?

Mobile strategy engagement tackles these tough questions and others, allowing you to select the right platforms and technologies integral to your mobile application’s success, and providing a clear pathway ahead with defined goals before development ever gets under way. Our experts create mobile strategy solutions designed to deliver an exceptional user experience for your audience.

Mobile Design

To build an awesome app you need a great design, which is more than just how an app looks – it’s how it works. It’s the story behind every great app, and the difference between disappointed users and what keeps people coming back.

Since your app is something created in order to actually be used by someone, we believe that each design decision should be made with a focus on delivering a slick, seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Enterprise Web

We design and develop enterprise Web sites and applications tailored to virtually any operational requirement. We are fully competent in custom coded applications, Open Source solutions, and SaaS offerings and our principals work directly with your stakeholders to determine the solution that is appropriate to your needs and budget. Need an information portal or ecommerce market? We can do it. Just ask.

Mobile ios and Android

A majority of the public now accesses the Web almost exclusively through mobile devices.  We focus on designing and developing mobile applications that work seamlessly with our era’s new always-on, anywhere expectations. We develop for both iOS and Android and use UX/UI developers who specialize in creating highly intuitive mobile experiences.

API and Systems Integration

The pace and scale of technological change is so great today that truly organic full stack development is impossible without a capacity for connecting disparate systems through APIs and integrative processes. We focus on maintaining a breadth of expertise across different platforms, languages, and frameworks to ensure our client’s technology needs are met, regardless of the need.


With more and more of the economy migrating to the Web, it is increasingly important for organizations to offer ecommerce solutions that meet the public’s needs. We design and develop ecommerce solutions in open source, SaaS or custom configurations, and we’re proficient in virtually any open source ecommerce CMS-based solution.

UI/US Design and Development

A digital system’s value is proportionate to the degree to which it is actually used. In other words, the digital world is awash in tens of millions – yes, millions – of virtual ghost towns, their fate sealed by wonky, poorly conceive and executed user interfaces that leave visitors confused. Our #1 goal is to create solutions that our customers are proud of and their customers actually use. Otherwise, why are we doing this? We have a deep bench proficient in HTML, HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript and we employ a prototyping-based, measure-twice, code-once process that ensures your applications will be embraced and adopted right out of the gate.

Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems

Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems

Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems

Today’s threat landscape is rapidly changing. Warfare has moved from the battlefield to online, and yesterday’s common hacker has given way to sophisticated cyber criminals and nations who are organized, equipped, and resourced, posing a clear and present threat never before seen.


My blog answers the demand for network, application, and information protection by providing next generation cyber security and intelligence solutions to detect, defend and respond to cyber attacks from malignant actors and outside intruders.

Advanced Analytics

 Advanced Cyber Analytics solutions that leverage the power of big data analytics to provide comprehensive, near real-time visibility into potential and realized threats, allowing analysts to effectively discover, predict, and respond with greater speed.

Collection Operations

Collection Operations strategically executed by leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and driven by a clearly defined collection management process prioritized by targets and based on your current threat landscape.

All Source Intelligence

Our highly skilled operators collect, synthesize, and analyze threat information from multiple sources to produce actionable intelligence before it’s too late.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence solutions that enables your organization to better understand the types of attacks it faces, proactively defend against those attacks, and manage it’s enterprise, data, and transactional risk more effectively.

An organization’s threat landscape is constantly evolving with new and more dangerous outsider threats emerging almost daily. To combat this changing threat landscape, this blog delivers cyber intelligence solutions to enable organizations to better understand the types of attacks they face, proactively defend against those attacks, and manage their enterprise, data, and transactional risk more effectively. Our experts partner with organizations to help them develop and implement cyber threat intelligence best practices to improve and mature their information security efforts and establish an effective cyber security intelligence program across strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

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    Provides context and relevance to higher volumes of data
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    Allows organizations to establish a proactive cyber security posture
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    Helps organizations improve risk management policies
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    Promotes better decision making during and after an intrusion
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    Pushes organizations towards establishing a predictive cyber security posture instead of a reactive
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    Provides foundation for establishing a cyber security posture that is predictive and not just reactive

Vulnerability Assessments

A holistic approach to vulnerability assessments that examines and documents vulnerabilities across the three critical facets of an organization’s cyber security: people, processes, and technology. Our operators meticulously document threats and vulnerabilities across all three areas, interpret and analyze their associated risks, and develop a roadmap with countermeasures to mitigate them.

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Testing services to evaluate your organization’s security posture. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) proactively identify security weaknesses the same way an attacker would – by hacking it. By exploiting security weaknesses across multiple systems and gaining unauthorized access through which your organization’s proprietary and sensitive information can be compromised or stolen, our operators are able to identify individual vulnerabilities, determine the ramifications of each compromise, and provide recommendations for mitigation.

Incident Response

Incident Response (IR) services to assess breaches in digital parameters, determine the extent of exposure, and mitigate damage in order to reduce recovery time and costs.

Strategy & Engineering

Seasoned operators who develop a comprehensive strategy unique to your organization’s security posture and threat landscape. Security engineering to implement the tactics and measures necessary to protect your critical assets and reduce risk.