Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems

Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems

Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems

Today’s threat landscape is rapidly changing. Warfare has moved from the battlefield to online, and yesterday’s common hacker has given way to sophisticated cyber criminals and nations who are organized, equipped, and resourced, posing a clear and present threat never before seen.


My blog answers the demand for network, application, and information protection by providing next generation cyber security and intelligence solutions to detect, defend and respond to cyber attacks from malignant actors and outside intruders.

Advanced Analytics

 Advanced Cyber Analytics solutions that leverage the power of big data analytics to provide comprehensive, near real-time visibility into potential and realized threats, allowing analysts to effectively discover, predict, and respond with greater speed.

Collection Operations

Collection Operations strategically executed by leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and driven by a clearly defined collection management process prioritized by targets and based on your current threat landscape.

All Source Intelligence

Our highly skilled operators collect, synthesize, and analyze threat information from multiple sources to produce actionable intelligence before it’s too late.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence solutions that enables your organization to better understand the types of attacks it faces, proactively defend against those attacks, and manage it’s enterprise, data, and transactional risk more effectively.

An organization’s threat landscape is constantly evolving with new and more dangerous outsider threats emerging almost daily. To combat this changing threat landscape, this blog delivers cyber intelligence solutions to enable organizations to better understand the types of attacks they face, proactively defend against those attacks, and manage their enterprise, data, and transactional risk more effectively. Our experts partner with organizations to help them develop and implement cyber threat intelligence best practices to improve and mature their information security efforts and establish an effective cyber security intelligence program across strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

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    Provides context and relevance to higher volumes of data
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    Allows organizations to establish a proactive cyber security posture
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    Helps organizations improve risk management policies
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    Promotes better decision making during and after an intrusion
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    Pushes organizations towards establishing a predictive cyber security posture instead of a reactive
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    Provides foundation for establishing a cyber security posture that is predictive and not just reactive

Vulnerability Assessments

A holistic approach to vulnerability assessments that examines and documents vulnerabilities across the three critical facets of an organization’s cyber security: people, processes, and technology. Our operators meticulously document threats and vulnerabilities across all three areas, interpret and analyze their associated risks, and develop a roadmap with countermeasures to mitigate them.

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Testing services to evaluate your organization’s security posture. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) proactively identify security weaknesses the same way an attacker would – by hacking it. By exploiting security weaknesses across multiple systems and gaining unauthorized access through which your organization’s proprietary and sensitive information can be compromised or stolen, our operators are able to identify individual vulnerabilities, determine the ramifications of each compromise, and provide recommendations for mitigation.

Incident Response

Incident Response (IR) services to assess breaches in digital parameters, determine the extent of exposure, and mitigate damage in order to reduce recovery time and costs.

Strategy & Engineering

Seasoned operators who develop a comprehensive strategy unique to your organization’s security posture and threat landscape. Security engineering to implement the tactics and measures necessary to protect your critical assets and reduce risk.


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